MEAN WELL DIN Rail Power Supplies

High Efficiency and Low Power Dissipation

DIN Rail SDR Series

The MEAN WELL SDR series is a slim-size single-output industrial AC-DC DIN rail power supply in a metal case that can be installed on a TS-35 top hat rail, both the 7.5 or 15mm mounting rail. Common applications for the SDR Series DIN Rail power supplies are:

  • Industrial control systems
  • Semi-conductor fabrication equipment
  • Factory automation
  • Electro-mechanical apparatus

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DIN Rail HDR and MDR Series

MEAN WELL DIN Rail HDR Series and MDR Series are competitive solutions for household and industrial applications. Common applications for the HDR and MDR Series DIN rail power supplies are:

  • Industrial automation machinery
  • Household appliances
  • Industrial control systems
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment

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Similar devices can be mounted next to each other reducing the amount of cabling required. Most power supplies are convection cooled and withstand a high operating temperature, so no cooling fans are needed.

The MDR series is a low cost range of slimline DIN rail power supplies. The ultra slim housing maximizes the space on the DIN rail. Don't be fooled, these power supplies are highly reliable regardless of the affordable price.

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