MEAN WELL Enclosed Power Supplies

High Power RSP and LRS Power Series

MEAN WELL RSP and LRS series power supplies are low-profile AC/DC enclosed switching power supplies that are perfect for applications that require energy savings, low noise, and limited space. Common applications include industrial automation machinery, household appliances, industrial control systems, mechanical and electrical equipment.

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The RSP Series are high efficiency - up to 90% efficiency rate. They’re available in different outputs, from 75W to 3000W and higher wattage models have PV functions that support output voltage programming. They have a longer lifespan than the previous generation. It offers power factor correction and also offers protection from overload, short circuit and over voltage.

PFC helps lower generation and transmission costs for distribution systems, utility bills for consumers, and mean time between failures for components used in power systems such as motors. The technical benefits include a reduction in voltage drops, harmonic distortions, and kVA demands which is a huge benefit in any industry that has not utilized power supplies with PFC. Learn how the RSP Series offers Power Factor Correction Functionality

The LRS Series is a low-profile and cost effective power supply family that supports basic power need, high reliability, and high efficiency. Due to higher mean time between failures and lower component count, the LRS series lasts up to three times as long as its predecessors, the RS and S series.

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Selecting the Right Power Supply for Your Designs

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