MEAN WELL GST Power Adapters

Universal Functionality, Safety Standards, Power Factor Correction and Highly Reliable

The MEAN WELL GST series power adapter is a low cost, highly flexible power supply that is widely used in many different applications. In fact, it can even be used to power more than one item or product from a single power supply. GST Power Adapters are ideal for various types of consumer electronics, telecommunication devices, office facilities, and industrial equipment.

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GST Power Adapters comply with the newest energy efficiency regulations - EISA 2007 and DoE Level VI - effectively meeting energy savings and carbon reduction requirements. Energy efficiency levels have been established with strict requirements over the years to combat our growing consumption of energy.

Mean Well has always demonstrated great quality and performance in their power supplies to be in compliance with these efficiency regulations. Learn more about the Energy Efficiency Levels of the GST Series Power Adapters.

As one of MEAN WELL’s first distributors we continue to be one of their largest. MEAN WELL has had fantastic growth over the years built on reliable product quality, excellent designs, and very low pricing.Contact us today to discuss your product requirements. Send an email to [email protected] or call 1-800-794-9100 to request product samples and quote requests.

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Selecting the Right Power Supply for Your Designs

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