MEAN WELL HLG and LPV Series LED Power Supplies

Indoor and Outdoor High-End Lighting Systems

The HLG Series and LPV Series Power Drivers are perfect for applications where lighting is on all day or night or a combination of both. The metal housing along with IP67 and IP65 ingress protection level allows these LED drivers to fit both indoor and outdoor applications and are suitable for harsh environments and extreme temperature conditions.


  • LED Street Lighting
  • High-Bay Lighting
  • Parking Space-Lighting
  • Greenhouse Lighting

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Since energy regulations have been expanding, a majority of consumers have associated LEDs with lowering their energy costs as well as a longer life-span for the LED as opposed to using traditional incandescent bulbs. For these products to operate, they require an LED driver, which is similar to transformers or ballasts.

LED drivers are designed specifically to regulate the voltage and current flowing through an LED for optimum output and efficiency. LEDs are usually considered DC devices which is why MEAN WELL LED drivers convert high AC voltage to low DC voltage.

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