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Selecting the right DIN Rail power supply for your application

Mean Well DRA-40-12 There are a variety of DIN Rail power supplies to choose from, but what are the main aspects to consider when it comes to determining which one to buy?

What is a DIN rail exactly?

A DIN rail is simply a strip of metal with standard dimensions, which originated from Germany by Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), has been adopted as European (EN) and international standards (ISO). The main purpose of the DIN rail is to provide a swift and suitable method of assembling any combination of electronic devices into electrical systems designed for industrial applications.

DIN rail has become increasingly popular among engineers who are designing automation systems, industrial control systems, and instrumentation. There are also three different styles of DIN rails used for different purposes.
Top Hat DIN Rail
Figure 1 – Top Hat Rail from Wikipedia
C DIN Rail
Figure 2 – C Rail from Wikipedia
G DIN Rail
Figure 3 – G Rail from Wikipedia

Consider this when purchasing a DIN Rail Power Supply

  • Low Maintenance Cost: In any type of automation application, there will always be maintenance and repairs that need to be done. Power supplies play a critical role in any industrial system and if the voltage fails, parts of the system stand still, thus halting production. Since DIN Rail power supplies are mounted close to the system, it will be easier to replace the power supply if it fails.

  • Type of output: DIN Rail power supplies have a variety of outputs such as a constant current or voltage output, and adjustable voltage output. An example would be LED lighting installations, which typically require a constant DC voltage. Should the current vary due to any surges, the output voltage will remain unchanged.

  • Connecting to your system: Ultimately, in order to minimize power lost or noise radiation between the power supply and system, the wires should be kept as short as possible with a large cross-sectional area.

  • UL508 Industrial Control Equipment Standard: Complies with UL’s safety standards since these PSUs are used with programmable logic controllers (PLC).

  • Various protections: MEAN WELL’s DIN rail power supplies include protection against short circuit, overload, overvoltage and can operate at temperatures up to 70˚C.

  • Additional Features: Certain Mean Well DIN Rail power supply families have additional functionalities such as power factor correction (PFC) and DC OK relay contacts.


  • Industrial control system
  • Semi-conductor fabrication equipment
  • Factory automation
  • Electro-mechanical apparatus

MEAN WELL’s DIN Rail power supplies are one of the highest quality products in the power supplies market. They deliver an extremely low no-load power consumption, universal input voltage and frequency, and high efficiency and reliability.

DIN rail power supplies provide output power with a range of 10W-960W and feature overcurrent/overvoltage and short-circuit protection. Operating temperatures vary by size along with additional features such as power factor correction or a DC OK relay contact. The metal casing aids in creating natural cooling to ensure heat dissipation. Connections are made by screw-in terminals, making it easy to connect all of your ports.

MEAN WELL is a leading switching power supply manufacturer helping the automation, medical and communication fields. Their power products include switching power supplies, converters, inverters, and chargers, providing the power solutions for all types of applications.

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