Lascar Spirit Seekers

Technology for Ghost Hunting

Lascar Spirit Seekers Lascar Electronics manufacturers a range of data logging projects. We were struck by one project in particular that we found on their website called Spirit Seekers.

The case study tracks Lance Brooks whose hobby is ghost hunting. Lance takes his work seriously and his organization Texas Spirit Seekers brings a purely scientific approach to collecting data to help make people more comfortable in their home or office. Brooks always begins assuming that a place is not haunted and then proceeds to disprove his null hypothesis.

It's commonly believed that paranormal activity is associated with "cold spots" and that's where Lascar's data loggers come into play. The data logger was first tested in the old Motley County Jail, in Matador, Texas. This historical landmark was built in 1891 and – independent of whether there are any ghosts there – it just sounds like an intimidating place.

Using the Lascar EL-USB-2 Lance recorded temperature and humidity and set the logger to capture the data every 10 seconds. This time the Lascar data logger proclaimed the jail all clear as they saw no significant fluctuations in temperature.

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