Life With Kuri

A Real Live Robot

Kuri The Kuri Home Robot is a top-notch robotics product in the market today. It has a fascinating personality and brings excitement and liveliness to any house. For people who often find themselves lonely, it is the perfect companion to provide company and keep them busy.

Robotics experts are of the opinion that Kuri plays the role of a robot nanny that charms kids and watches over your home in your absence. Not only is this robot adorable, it is useful as well.

Kuri doesn’t play the role of a multi-purpose assistance like Amazon Echo; rather it plays the role of security in your home as well as entertaining members of your families.

Features of Kuri Home Robot

  • Loving Personality: Kuri home robot has a loving personality that makes it a preferred robotic product among most people around the world. It entertains younger members of the family and interacts with them responsively. The personality of this robot is amazing. In the traditional sense, it doesn’t feel like a robot. This is because of the fact that it connects with people better than other robots.
  • Security: Kuri Home Robot provides security for your house by constantly patrolling the hallways and other areas of your house. Its roving security camera can detect immediately if there is an intruder in your home.
  • Smartness: Kuri home robot is a very smart robot that responds to every instruction and command swiftly. As part of its smartness, it emotes audibly whenever a task is assigned to it. Also, it has a built-in LED that indicates the mood of your Kuri Home robot at all times. Whenever the color changes, it indicates a change in mood.
  • Trending technology: Kuri home robot is made from brimming technologies like HD camera, asynchronous motors, capacitive touch sensor, microphones and speakers. The outstanding feature of Kuri over other robots is the way it animates playfully whenever its name is called.
  • Voice Recognition: This fascinating home robot has a voice recognition features that enables it to recognize the voice of everybody within the house. It is designed in such a way that it can swiftly build a digital map of its present environment for easy adaptation. This will help to prevent possible collision while walking within the house.

Kuri's Technology

Drone Movement Kuri has capacitance touch sensors allowing it to respond to human touch. Located right behind its eye a camera is able to capture HD videos and pictures allowing for livestream capabilities. Power processors allow him to create facial and speech recognition. Kuri reacts to voice and sounds easily with four highly sensitive microphones. Mapping sensors enable autonomous navigation and the ability to map any floorplan, avoid obstacles in his path and lean over time.


  • Watches over your home and hallway when you are not around
  • It plays the role of robotic nanny for the younger members of your family as it entertains them.
  • Responds to all commands intelligently
  • It can easily connect with every member of your family.
  • Adapt to your environment easily and recognize people’s voices.
  • It can easily differentiate people from pets.
  • It can read to your kids and make them feel comfortable.
  • When in need of recharging he automatically returns to his charging station for a power nap.


  • Despite the smartness and other amazing features of this home robot, it can’t respond swiftly during the time of any emergency.
  • Kuri cannot go down stairs

Kuri is a high-tech robot that is very smart and connects to humans easily. It is arguably the best home robot currently in the tech environment. It is an investment that is definitely worth the money spent buying it. It will provide exceptional values for the money spent.

Kuri was created by Mayfield Robotics.

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