Make Projects

Jameco & Make Find Common Thread

Jameco Electronics exhibited at the Maker Faire and over the course of the event we had a chance to meet our MAKE Magazine counterparts. Our chat led to the startling discovery that both companies had spent the better part of the previous year discovering the exact same thing.

Many Jameco customers are hungry, not just for electronic components, but for step-by-step instructions on how to build projects with those components. At Make, their readers were fascinated by their step-by-step instructions, but wanted better access to the components necessary to create the projects. The result is a new and exciting relationship for both Jameco customers and Make Magazine readers. Make has launched a new site called MAKE Projects which will feature do-it-yourself projects with lots of photos and the ability to buy what you need to make the project on your own. In many cases, Jameco will help supply those projects.

You'll also be seeing lots of our favorite MAKE Projects on the Jameco website as we feature the kind of world-class content that our customers have told us they love. Anyway you look at it, both Jameco and Make are confident that customers are clamoring for hands-on projects in an effort to make electronics fun again.