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ICP-DAS Product Review

TPD-280 I remember watching the film Total Recall about 15 years ago and seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger look at a person face-to-face while talking on the phone. I remembered thinking to myself how incredible it would be to video chat with someone while driving around in my Back to the Future flying DeLorean. The technologies we have in our daily lives are far more advanced than just a few years ago. While we may not have mainstream flying cars just yet, video chat and other technology we once thought were decades away, are here now.

Automation is usually a big part of our vision of future technology. ICP-DAS provides products for industrial automation control, data acquisition and communication. These products can be configured to make your processes easily automated, monitor-able and controllable all at the same time. It's the easier way to take control of your business and systems while moving into the future.

Building Automation

Ever wanted to have curtains that close automatically when the temperature gets too warm in your home? You can make this possible with the TPD-280 or TPD-283 custom touchpad controllers with Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Customized setting controls allow the user to program the controller for certain functions when a set level is reached, such as a particular temperature. These controllers can be used in many more applications as well such as building automation to control devices like lights, air conditioners, audio/video equipment, and computers. Check out the video below for an idea of the wide range of applications:


If data acquisition is more for you, then check out the I-7000 series of products which can serially communicate and network via DeviceNet, one of the world's leading device-level networks for industrial automation. These data acquisition modules are distributed I/O modules available in digital and analog configurations, which can quickly and accurately gather data while making it simple to communicate with your PC and log the information. The I-7017C data acquisition module and I-7241D were used in the testing procedures for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, where large-scale data needed to be acquired then converted. Click here to read in more detail about this aviation assignment.

Boeing Airplane
Boeing 787 Dreamliner Airplane


The I-7000 series of data acquisition modules can also be used in high-performance automobile engine production. Automobile engines go through stringent testing before they even come close to reaching the customer, so acquiring all the necessary data to ensure premium performance and safety is crucial in all processes. Using the I-7019R and the I-7024 , the manufacturers were able to add new capability to their engine dynamometers and wind tunnels. Read more about how the ICP-DAS products played a key role in engine dynamics testing for a German automotive manufacturer here.

Data Acquisition Module I-7019R
Data Acquisition Module I-7019R

Water Quality Control

Acquiring data and monitoring systems while keeping customized control are the main attributes of the ICP-DAS products. When all systems are viewed as a whole, these are the vital factors that keep the production line going, so the products in charge of these responsibilities must be reliable. Rest assured that these products are reliable enough to trust with the quality control handling of water in a mass production level. Being able to control a large-scale system at your personal desktop computer is a luxury that cannot be understated. See below for a conceptual system that includes the addition of water being an essential part of the system.

The practical uses for the ICP-DAS products are endless. Whether the applications are small garage projects or large-scale industrial manufacturing, these data acquisition and embedded control modules are the most cost-effective, easy-to-use products on the market. Don't think that the range of products stops at data acquisition and control; there are also industrial multi-port Ethernet switches for fast and reliable LAN dispersion, serial converters for easy serial communication conversion, and even a smart SMS alarm controller which can monitor your systems and immediately send an SMS (short message service) message to your phone once a preset limit has been exceeded.

Home security


Software downloads are just as easy to install and use as the ICP-DAS products themselves. There are quite a few programs available for assistance in making your experience as easy and productive as possible. Please note, these links are large file downloads.

MiniOS7 Utility is used to search for PET-7026 Ethernet Data Acquisition modules and to easily set its IP address. To download MiniOS7 Utility manual click here.

HMIWorks is used to program and configure graphical screens in the TouchPad PLC. To download HMIWorks program click here.

KingView is PC-based software that you can use to control and monitor data acquisition modules, PLC's, controllers and other devices. To download a basic version of KingView click here.

There is also KingView SCADA software with various I/O points for times when you want to do multiple analyses on different modules to place in a spreadsheet, build charts, perform logic control, and observe trends over specified periods of time. You can get the KingView Runtime edition only, the KingView Development only, or the KingView Development Full , which includes both Runtime and Development.

Additionally, there are web server editions providing users with the convenience of remotely accessing their server machines through a web browser. Lastly, NetView is a client program that can run on a PC and get data from another PC running KingView.

The future of industrial control systems is here and simpler than ever with automation from ICP-DAS. Now you can take that picture of robots standing on the assembly line out of your head; they're actually fully automated little boxes.

For more information on how you can use the ICP-DAS products, check out some of the past examples and implementations here.

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