Lascar Electronics: Panel Meters

By Mark Casilang
Jameco Product Marketing Engineer

3.5" color TFT screen Gone are the days when programming a digital panel meter took months of tedious programming in a mystical communication language. Lascar has created a solution that allows you to use its Panel Pilot software to design customized meter displays and download them to the meter itself. This product line dramatically improves the sophistication and ease of use to measure things like input signals, voltage, frequency, and so much more.

The SGD 24-M was the first Panel Pilot-compatible display from Lascar Electronics. It has a 2.40" TFT color display and touch screen technology. Panel Pilot is a desktop software platform that allows configuration and customization of a range of compatible color displays. 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows software are available. The program can be easily uploaded to this panel meter through a USB cable.

The SGD 28-M has a 2.8" TFT color display with a pixel resolution of 320 x 240, and USB programming interface.

Color TFT screen The SGD 35-M PanelPilot-compatible Smart Graphics Display has just arrived and it's already making waves. It has all the features of the SGD 24-M and more. The SGD 35-M is incredibly accurate with typical error of just 0.05%. It has a sample rate of about 3 samples per second and temperature stability of 100 ppm/°C, so you can be sure that your measurements and readings are spot-on every time. The new 3.5" screen allows for improved visibility and enhanced applications.

You can customize this 3.5" color TFT screen in seconds with the simple click of a mouse. It is programmable through USB interface and you can even use Lascar's award-winning PanelPilot software to select from a wide range of customizable digital and analog meter styles. Using the software, you can customize colors, text labels, scaling, and even display your own logo upon power-up. Choose from a wide variety of touchscreen applications as well as more traditional voltmeter apps.