Jameco's Price Match Guarantee

Jameco actively prices its products below its competition. We try hard to get our pricing right every time, but if you ever find a price that looks wrong we are happy to beat our competitors price by 10% all the way down to our cost.

Here's how it works:
  • Document the published price for the same product and manufacturer number that Jameco sells.
  • Confirm that the product is both an active product and in stock.

Once verified we'll beat the published price by 10% all the way down to our cost.

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Please allow one business day to review and verify. Jameco may contact seller to confirm that the published price is not a typographical error. Jameco can not honor its price guarantee for product that is not identical to the product Jameco is selling. Jameco can only match pricing for products where the published price is above Jameco's cost.