Notification of "NCNR"

Non-Cancellation & Non-Return Agreement

By agreeing to an NCNR, Jameco agrees to procure product on behalf of its customer and the customer agrees to purchase the product and take delivery in the agreed upon time frame. Terms of the orders may not be canceled or altered without Jameco's approval.

The NCNR agreement does not apply to failed product under Jameco's warranty.

If you are notified that your order requires an NCNR, it is due to Jameco procuring inventory to fill the order with a Jameco supplier that does not allow returns or cancellations of this product. As a result, Jameco is procuring enough inventory where a cancellation would leave Jameco significantly overstocked.

Adjustments to original quantities, if accepted, may be subject to re-pricing of the entire order.

Web orders that require an NCNR may require click through acknowledgment. Orders placed with a Jameco Sales Representative may require written or email acknowledgement of these terms.