Jameco's Order Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

Jameco makes every effort to keep its commitment to its customers. Jameco thus expect customers' to keep their commitments as well. Jameco attempts to be flexible and has a strong track record doing just that, but it is also important to understand the limits of that flexibility.

Jameco makes a distinction between orders for immediate delivery placed for product in stock versus products that are either special order and/or require reserving inventory for a scheduled delivery.

Customers who accept Jameco's Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable purchase agreement may not cancel orders once the order is placed. If the customer requests to reschedule the timing of a delivery, Jameco may allow one reschedule per line item. Rescheduling of orders may require a one-time rescheduling fee of up to 25%.

Customers who place scheduled orders for products in stock that do not require a Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable agreement may cancel their order with 30 days' notice and may be required to pay a one-time restocking fee of up to 25%.

All cancelations and rescheduling are subject to the final approval of Jameco Electronics.

Adjustments to original quantities may be subject to a re-pricing bill-back based on the customer's lower quantity commitment.