Lithium Ion Battery Charger (LiBaC) Kit

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  • Jameco Part no.: 2258881
  • Manufacturer: Jameco Kitpro
  • Manufacturer no.: CJKIT-21405
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Lithium Ion Battery Charger (LiBaC) Kit


This "Lithium Ion Battery-Cell Charger" (LiBaC) Kit enables the user to use, and recharge, a broad spectrum of the latest rechargeable battery technologies, that of Li-Ion and Polymer Li-Ion cells and battery packs. Unlike the older, ubiquitous, battery technologies Li-Ion technologies are gradually replacing, Li-Ion cells and polymer packs are currently only available from a few sources, come in a very large range of ampere-hour capacities, and have very few options for recharging them. If you have a cell phone, you are already using a Li-Ion battery, or more likely, a Polymer Li-Ion battery, where the cell phone includes an integrated battery recharger specifically configured for that battery's capacity.

A single cell, regardless of ampere-hour capacity, is typically referred to as a 3.7volt Li-Ion battery or a Polymer Li-Ion battery, with the maximum voltage of either 4.1volts, or 4.2 volts, the latter being the most common. These Li-Ion batteries typically include either pigtail wires (no connectors) or two-position (JST) connectors, and usually an integrated "safety" circuit board that protects the battery from over-currents and over-charge/discharge voltages conditions.

Chargers for Li-Ion batteries use a very specific, constant-current/constant-voltage charging algorithm, usually with thermal and timing limiters, sometimes with trickle-pre-chargers for severely discharged batteries, to prevent damage to the battery and to maximize safety. Commercially available Li-Ion battery chargers are available with fixed constant-current capacities, which may or may not match the recharging requirements. If an experimenter or hobbyist happens to be using five different capacity cells, 170mAh, 400mAh, 750mAh, 1050mAh, and 2000mAh for five different applications, then they may need to purchase and use five different battery chargers to maintain them safely.

Alternatively, they could buy and build the LiBaC Kit and perform safe charging for all five of these and many other capacities, including most future battery-capacities not listed in this example. The LiBaC Kit includes:
  • switch selectable maximum (float) voltage selection for 4.1volts or 4.2volts, LiPo cell dependent.
  • switch selectable maximum charging currents of 100mA, 333mA, 600mA, 1.0A, and 1.5A; something no other commercially available charger has.
  • switch selectable ability to disable the safety timer for some charging operations that can benefit from this ability.
  • integrated automatic-resettable (PTC-thermal) fuses on both the input and the output circuits for maximum safety.
  • switch selectable "SHUTDOWN" or "CHARGE" master-control.
  • "obvious-correct" LiPo cell connection scheme using red-black 5-way binding posts with (added-safety) "Connection FAULT" Red LED.
  • four different "HUGE" (10mm) on-board status-indicator LEDs, indicating "Input Power OK," "Charging," "FAULT" (condition during charging), and even an indicator that the LiPo Cell has been connected to the LiBaC incorrectly (before attempting charging).
  • the GUSTECH-feature of front-end "goof-proof" wiring, where it is impossible to apply incorrectly a wrong polarity input voltage as a charging source.
  • the ability to use a bench power supply, or any one of many available, linear or switching, "wall-wart" power sources using the common 2.1mmx5.5mm power plug, with either positive-or-negative-center polarities.
  • many on-board silkscreen notes for easiest usage of the LiBaC.
  • printed circuit board-based enhanced-copper-pour thermal heatsink for the charging integrated circuit.The printed circuit board for the LiBaC Kit can be used outside the box with standoffs (available from Jameco), or within a plastic enclosure (also available from Jameco), or even bolted to a board (as in a row of chargers gang-recharging many different LiPo cells), as desired.
Please note: Due to inventory packaging methods, you may receive more components than required for some products.

If you are unsure of the dangers involved with your particular project, consult with someone who is experienced. Always wear eye protection and gloves. FAILURE TO INITIATE AND FOLLOW YOUR OWN SAFETY PROCEDURES MAY RESULT IN BODILY INJURY OR DEATH!

You Will Need

  • Flux, soldering iron and solder
  • Enclosure
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Surface mount equipment
  • Goggles, tweezers, and magnification equipment
  • ABS enclosure with clear top (OPTIONAL, P/N: 141832)

Kit Includes:

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