Analog to Digital Converter Single SAR 10k Single Pole 8-Bit Parallel 20-Pin MDIP Rail

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8-bit µprocessor-compatible A/D Converter

This is a CMOS 8-bit successive approximation A/D converter that uses a differential potentiometric ladder-similar to the 256R products. This converter is designed to allow operation with the NSC800 and INS8080A derivative control bus with TRI-STATE® output latches directly driving the data bus. This A/D appears like memorylocations or I/O ports to the microprocessor and no interfacing logic is needed.

  • Resolution: 8-bit
  • Total error: ±¼LSB, ±½LSB, and ±1 LSB
  • Conversion time: 100µseconds
  • Compatible with 8080 µP derivatives-no interfacinglogic needed- access time: 135 ns
  • Easy interface to all microprocessors, or operates "standalone"
  • Differential analog voltage inputs
  • Logic inputs and outputs meet both MOS and TTLvoltage level specifications
  • Works with 2.5V (LM336) voltage reference
  • On-chip clock generator
  • 0V to 5V analog input voltage range with single 5Vsupply
  • No zero adjust required
  • 20-pin DIP package

  • 80-80 Interface
  • 6800 Interface
  • Directly Converting a Low-Level Signal
  • µP Interfaced Comparator
  • Digitizing a Current Flow
  • Self-Clocking Multiple A/Ds
  • External Clocking
  • Low-Cost, µP Interfaced, Temperature-to-DigitalConverter
  • µP Interfaced Comparator with Hysteresis
  • Analog Self-Test for a System

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  • Specification Value
    Supplier PackageMDIP
    Converter TypeGeneral Purpose
    Number of ADCs1
    Number of Analog Inputs1
    Input TypeVoltage
    Differential InputYes
    Digital Interface TypeParallel
    Input Signal TypeSingle-Ended|Differential
    Polarity of Input VoltageUnipolar
    Input Voltage5V
    Minimum Single Supply Voltage4.5V
    Typical Single Supply Voltage5V
    Maximum Single Supply Voltage6.3V
    Maximum Power Dissipation875mW
    Sample and HoldNo
    Sampling Rate10KSPS
    Single-Ended InputYes
    Voltage ReferenceExternal
    Voltage Supply SourceSingle
    Minimum Operating Temperature0°C
    Maximum Operating Temperature70°C
    MountingThrough Hole
    Product Width6.6mm
    Product Height3.3mm
    Product Length26.42mm(Max)
    Product TypeADC

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