9-Channel PC Based Oscilloscope Logic Analyzer And Pattern Generator

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PC Based Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator

The MSO-19 is a 2GSa/s Oscilloscope, 200MSa/s Logic Analyzer, 100MSa/s Pattern Generator and a TDR. It is extremely portable and affordable (including probe, clips, wires and software). The Mixed Signal Oscilloscope connects to your computer via USB and is even powered by USB. All channels sample simultaneously at a max rate of 200MSa/s Our design goal for the MSO-19 was to make an MSO that students and hobbyists could afford but was powerful enough for professionals. We realized pretty soon that we could pack enough performance and quality into this product that it would appeal to a large group of customers.


  • 8 logic analyzer inputs and 1 pattern generator
  • Single shot: 200 MSa/S
  • Repetitive mode: 1GSa/S
  • Bandwidth: 60MHz
  • USB communication and USB powered
  • 100Mpt/s Pattern Generator
  • Auto-setup
  • Fast, Accurate Measurements
  • 100MHz Spectrum Analyzer/FFT
  • SPI and I2C decoding
  • Data Storage with save and export capabilities
  • Advanced Triggering: Level/edge, glitch, pulse width
  • Also available: 10-Channel PC Based Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer


    Rate (single shot) 200MSa/s to 100Sa/s
    5nS/sample to 10mS/sample
    50nS/division to 100mS/division
    Rate (Repetitive) 2GSa/s and 1GSa/s
    5nS/division to 100nS/division
    Accuracy +/- 0.01%
    Resolution 5ns
    Skew < 5 ns
    Inputs 1 DSO + 8 Logic Analyzer
    Outputs 8 Pattern Generator + 1 Trigger out (TTL)
    Oscilloscope (Analog)  
    Bandwidth 60MHz
    Gain Range (per division)
    full scale = 8 divisions
    BNC or Probe (1X)
    Voltage per division: 50mV to 500mV
    Fullscale voltage: 400mV to 4V

    Probe (10X)
    Voltage per division: 500mV to 5V
    Fullscale voltage: 4V to 40V
    Max Input Voltage
    max input voltage at probe tip depends on probe type (1x or 10x)
    BNC or Probe (1X)
    Continuous: ± 20V DC

    Probe (10X)
    Continuous: ± 200V DC
    Vertical Range 8 divisions
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