High End Industrial Multi Axis Motion Control with IoT Ready

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  • Jameco Part no.: 2236746
  • Manufacturer: RMV ELECTRONICS
  • Manufacturer no.: ST600uNET-X-4.5
  • No datasheet available. Please review the tabs below for product specifications.
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High End Industrial Multi Axis Motion Control with IoT Ready

The ST600µNET is a new Stepper Controller Board from RMV Motion. It has four (4) fully integrated and independent axes controlled by the RMV859 motion processors. Motor acceleration and deceleration speed are controlled with the Slew function from 1 step/sec to 22,000 steps/sec. The stepping type features are Full Steps, Half Steps, and Micro Steps. Motion Modes are Trapezoidal, Speed Control, Profile Motion, S-Curve, PI, Current Controlled, Sequential Motion, Closed LOOP and Voltage Constant. The ST600 microNET has a wide input range of 24 VDC to 52 VDC, requiring 2 amps. Each axis outputs 4.5 A and is adjustable by software. Open Source software is available on GitHub.

Remote Access is achieved when the ST600 microNET and the rmv_Tasker-STD (shield) web server are combined. Supported communication protocols Javascript, HTML, MODBUS, TCP/IP,DHCP, and FTP are used to access Digital Tachometer sensors. On-board female headers make it compatible with Arduino. Raspberry Pi connections are made directly through USB connector.

The ST600 microNET software interface supports Windows software development through the ST600µNET Dynamic Link Library. Compatible programming languages are C,C++, C#, Python, Visual Basic, Delphi and Visual Studio IDE. Open Source Software ST600µNET

External Hardware Compatibility: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Beagle Eagle Boards, and Freescale I.M.X 5,6,7. ST600 microNET 4.5 Amp


  • Motion Commands-Registers: STOP, CW, CCW, Axis RESET, JOG, Internal Report, Holding Torque, 32 bits motion counter shaft encoder register. Internal FIFO 700 words for storing commands.
  • Independent Trigger Source: Software Trigger and hardware Trigger capabilities for coordinated motion, to prevent motion delays.
  • Isolated Limit Switches: Left-Right Limit Switch, Home, STOP, and External Trigger from 5V to 24V isolated.
  • Digital I/O's: Isolated Digital Input and Output: from 5V to 24V or higher through a series resistance.
  • Analog Inputs: Two Channels: 4-20 mA, 0-5V, Heatsink Temperature.
  • Motor Parameters: Inductance, Winding Resistance, Step Angle, Bipolar-Unipolar; all parameters can be saved to RMV959 internal Flash.
  • Communication Interface: HDI USB High Speed: Window dll, Libraries: MacOS, Linux. Note: Ethernet Isolated RS485, ModeBus, Web Server interfaces are only available when Rmv_Tasker is connected together with the ST600µNet.
  • Operating Voltage: From 18 volts to 50 volts. Only motor power is required to run the ST600 microNet board.
  • Firmware Upgrade: Firmware via rmv_Tasker, or USB Host computer.
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +85°C

rmv_Tasker-STD (not included, sold separately)

ST600µNet Software Interface


  • Windows Operation System: DLL support for 32 bit and 64 bit, and C++ Application, .Net
  • macOS: Library Interface, Application in Java
  • Linux: Ubuntu 64 Library, C++ Demo
  • Python: Sample Application
  • rmv_Tasker NON Volatile Memory: SD-Card Interface up to 8 GB
  • Arduino: Direct Connection, free sample
  • JNI: Java Native Interface
  • Linux Raspberry Pi: Library Interface, USB Driver (under development)
  • Linux Beagle Bone: Library Interface, USB Driver (under development)
  • Networking: rmv_Tasker module will control ST600µNET when used with compatible communication protocols.

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