DIY: Alarms - (with Arduino Uno & USB Cable)

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  • Manufacturer no.: CJKIT-20259
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DIY: Alarms - (Includes Arduino Uno & USB Cable)

(Also available without the Arduino Uno & USB cable, P/N: 2203944)

This is a great educational kit, but can work in real world scenarios. There are several different sensors used in alarm systems. This kit will demonstrate three sensor types. One is the infrared "break-beam" sensor using a laser diode module and a photocell.

A magnetic proximity sensor usually found protecting doors or windows. A magnet is embedded in the top part of the door while the magnetic sensor is embedded in the door jam. If the door opens, the magnets are pulled apart and the change in the magnetic field is what triggers the alarm. This is a good sensor because it is nearly impossible to fool or disable the sensor.

A force sensitive resistor (touch sensor) can be used to detect something stepping on it, or it can be triggered when a weight is removed. All three sensors will be integrated with an Arduino microcontroller. For practical purposes, this project will be built around a breadboard, but this can certainly be integrated into a real life project or home.

Check out what others are saying about the DIY: Alarms project build! Click here if you wish to purchase this kit without the Arduino Uno and USB cable (Jameco P/N: 2203944).

Please note: Due to inventory packaging methods, you may receive more components than required for some products.
(Kit Revision): Early kits shipped with a laser diode module. Due to a supply shortage, the diode module has been substituted to a laser pointer pen.

Optional Parts

  • Mini-grabber test leads (makes connecting to small pins easier)

    Kit Includes:

    Club Jameco Project #20259

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