WS2812B RGB LED Module (10-pack)

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  • Jameco Part no.: 2247947
  • Manufacturer: Parallax
  • Manufacturer no.: 28086
  • NCNR (Non-Cancelable, Non Returnable)
  • HTS code: 8541402000
  • Web Exclusive

WS2812B RGB LED Module (10-pack)

The WS2812B RGB LED Module is a small module with BIG color. The module has a special LED on board that contains three individual LEDs - red, green, and blue - as well as a smart control IC that can individually drive each LED. These LEDs are found in NeoPixel strips and more. Each color has 256 intensity levels which allows the module to produce 24-bit color, or more than 16 million colors. Each module is instructed by using a special serial protocol which allows many modules to be daisy chained together, so one microcontroller can control a whole string of LEDs with a single data signal. Any number of these modules can be chained together by connecting one module's data-out (DO) pin to another's data-in (DI) pin.

This 10-pack of WS2812B RGB Modules will let you light up many different projects.

Caution - these LEDs are extremely bright! You might want to avoid looking directly at them up close when lit.


  • String many together to make an array of individually addressable lights
  • With 24-bit color, each module can display more than 16 million unique colors of the rainbow
  • The module's small size is breadboard friendly with 0.1" header spacing
  • Control all LEDs in a chain with a single I/O pin


  • Holiday decorations
  • Multi-color status LED for your project
  • Color changing robotic eyes
Note: This module requires a 5 volt supply to work. Devices that interface at 3.3 V, such as the Propeller, can still communicate with the module, but the module will need to be supplied with 5 volts on the 5V pin. Additionally, the serial communication protocol the module utilizes relies heavily on strict timing constraints. Thus, the BASIC Stamp module cannot reliably communicate with the WS2812B RGB LED Module.

Specifications (Per LED)

  • Voltage requirements: 5 V
  • Current requirements: Up to 50 mA
  • Communication: Custom asynchronous serial
  • Dimensions: 0.5 in x 0.4 in (1.27 cm x 1.02 cm)
  • Operating temperature range: -13 to +172 °F (-25 to +80 °C)

Shipping Contents:

  • (10) WS2812B RGB LED Module (#550-28085)
  • (20) 3-pin header (#451-00301)

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Specification Value
LED Display TypeSuper Bright
Lens TypeWater Clear
Peak Wavelength625 nm, 520 nm, 470 nm
Luminous Intensity1800 mcd
Viewing Angle25°
Typical Forward Voltage5 V
Typical Forward Current20 mA
MountingThrough Hole
Mounting FeatureBreakout Board
Lead Pitch2.54mm

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