Forrest Mims Atari Punk Console Kit with Book

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Forrest Mims Atari Punk Console Kit

With Timer, Op Amp & Optoelectronic Circuits & Projects book

Atari Punk console kit
The Atari Punk Console has become the popular name for a simple circuit that I first described as a "Sound Synthesizer" in Engineer's Notebook: Integrated Circuit Applications (1980) and then a "Stepped Tone Generator" in Engineer's Mini-Notebook: 555 Circuits (1984). The circuit creates a sequence of tones whose frequencies vary in distinct steps as a potentiometer is adjusted. Some in the electronic music community began experimenting with the circuit, and it is eventually labeled the Atari Punk Console by Kaustic Machines. "Atari Punk Console" yields 15,100 hits in a Google search. The circuit even has its own Wikipedia page. Even older than the Atari Punk Console is the integrated circuit that makes it possible, the venerable 555 timer designed by Hans R. Camenzind for Signetics. The 555 was introduced in 1972 and continues to be one of the most popular integrated circuits ever designed. Visit the Jameco Workshop page for complete build instructions. Timer, Op Amp & Optoelectronic Circuits & Projects book
This Engineer's Mini Notebook features more than two dozen 555 timer circuits that you can build, including three tone generators, LED flashers, sound-effects circuits, and a touch switch. It also includes more than 50 operational amplifier (Op Amp) circuits, many with simple formulas to help you modify them for special circuits of your own design. A wide range of optoelectronic circuits and projects are featured, including many LED circuits and various lightwave communication systems.About Forrest Mims III

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