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HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro

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  • Jameco Part no.: 2274975
  • Manufacturer: HiFiBerry
  • Manufacturer no.: HIFIBERRY DAC+ PRO
  • No datasheet available. Please review the tabs below for product specifications.
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HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro

The HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro comes with integrated dual-domain ultra-low-jitter clocks and gold-plated RCA connectors. Our most popular board dramatically improves the audio performance of your Raspberry Pi. It can be simply plugged onto your Raspberry Pi without any soldering. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3/Zero with 40-pin connector. It can be connected to an external amplifier or active speakers through an analog audio input.


  • Directly powered from the Raspberry Pi - no additional power supply
  • Ultra-low-noise voltage regulator for optimal audio performance
  • Dedicated 192kHz/24bit high-quality Burr-Brown DAC for best sound quality
  • Hardware volume control - you can control the output volume using "alsamixer" or any application that supports ALSA mixer control
  • Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi - no additional cables needed
  • Comes as a pre-fabricated kit mounted in less than a minute - you just plug it onto the Raspberry Pi B+ (no soldering necessary)
  • Integrated EEPROM for automatic configuration
  • The board conforms to the Raspberry Pi hardware-attached-on-top (HAT) specification
  • Gold-plated connectors: Gold-plated RCA connectors ensure optimal connection to your RCA cables
  • Dual-domain clock circuit: The DAC+ Pro uses its own on-board low-jitter clock generator. To have the lowest jitter values, there are 2 different clocks on board: one for 44.1/88.2/176.4 kHz sample rates and another for 48/96/192kHz
  • Hackable: The board can be modified to allow external power supply for the analog part of the board. Also you can connect external I2S DACs. These features need soldering on the board. This will void warranty, but real hardware hackers have no problems with this

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