Dagu Mr. General Mobile Robotic Platform

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Dagu Mr. General Mobile Robotic Platform

The Dagu Mr. General Mobile Robotic Platform does not include a microcontroller. The sensors are simple but effective. The corner sensors are simple voltage divider. The principle is that the phototransistor works much like a LDR (light Dependant resistor). It is based on original LMR robot Bot 08M which was my attempt at a "Start Here" robot using the Picaxe 08M processor. More importantly he pointed out that your processor should take two readings, One with the LEDs on and another with the LEDs off. This walkthrough will explain how the sensors work, how the eye works, how the servos work and how the code works.

  • Mr. General is an ideal platform for students or hobbyist building their first robot.
  • The breadboard allows easy use of most processors without soldering. 140 wires are supplied in 5 colors to allow easy circuit construction.
  • Infrared sensors on the PCB can be used for obstacle avoidance or edge detection.
  • The sensor bracket was designed by a hobbist at LetsMakeRobots.com to shui almost any infrared or ultrasonic rande finding sensor.
  • Modified servos allow speed and direction pf bpth wheels to be controlled by only 2 pins of your processor.
  • The IR compound eye allows the robot to track movement within 200mm.
  • Voltage rails can be isolated allowing 3.3V and 5V devices to be used. Mli>Male and female headers on the PCB allow easy connection to servos and sensors.
  • Basic recharge circuitry is built in allowing batteries to be recharged overnight from a 9V supply. (use only NiCd or NiMH batteries)
  • A small speaker is supplied that can be driven directly from your processor allowing your robot to generate sounds indicating when objects are detected.
  • Designed around the Picaxe 28X1 although many different processors can be used
  • Features two standard micro servos for the pan/tilt assembly
  • Uses two continuous rotation servos for movement
  • No microcontroller is included, but we recommend the Barebones Arduino Circuit Kit (P/N: 2151259).

    Note: The barebones circuit differs slightly from the Mr. General instructions, so be sure to review the circuit diagrams. Alternatively, you can use a microcontroller of your own choice and use your own programming code.


  • Documentation (Zip file)
  • Tutorial

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