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Simple-H (H-Bridge Circuit)

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  • Jameco Part no.: 2204082
  • Manufacturer: Robot Power
  • Manufacturer no.: SIMPLE-H
  • HTS code: 8533400040
  • Electronics Parts Locator
  • This item is discontinued and is not
    recommended for new designs.

Simple-H (H-Bridge Circuit) for Motor Control

The Simple-H from Robot Power is a low-cost robust H-bridge circuit designed for use driving DC motors or other DC loads in the about 25A and 6V-28V range. The Simple-H can be controlled by a wide range of command sources from switches to 555 timer circuits to microcontrollers such as BasicStamps and Arduinos. The classic "green" Simple-H requires 3V-5V logic level signals on its command inputs.

The Simple-H does not have on-board logic to interpret R/C, serial, analog voltage or other commands. An external signal source is required to translate command inputs into the switching signals needed to drive the Simple-H power chips. This flexibility allows the Simple-H to be driven from a signal source as simple as a pushbutton or as complex as a microcontroller or BasicStamp. Even a desktop or laptop PC can be used through a parallel port or USB port expander.

Unlike many competing products which advertise similar current ratings, the Simple-H ratings are for a period measured in minutes or hours not a few seconds or less. With a Simple-H you can be sure if you need 20A of current you can get 20A out of it for as long as you need it.

The Simple-H has the following specifications and features:
Supply voltage 5V to 28V (24V max battery rating)
Output Current (continuous) 20A (25A with fan)
Output Current (surge) >45A
Weight 1.3 0z
Power chips 2 ea. BTS7960B
On Resistance .016 ohm max at 25C
PWM Frequency DC to 20kHz
Cooling Heatsinks and optional 20 CFM 50mm fan
Logic Interface 3V - 5V classic version
4V-28V HV version
min. 2 digital signals required to drive
Current and Temp Limiting Built in to power chips
Current Sense Outputs 0.0745V per Amp - 2.98V at 40A
Connectors 8-pos 0.1" screw terminal, 2-pos fan terminal
4 each screw terminals for power wires
Enclosure None

The Simple-H uses a heatsink and heavy copper areas on the circuit board to dissipate heat. This results in a current rating higher than for most motor drives of similar size. To get the maximum possible current or to run for extended periods close to maximum, the Simple-H uses an optional cooling fan to further dissipate heat. The fan itself is a commonly available 12V 50mm square computer cooling fan. Mounting holes are provided at the correct spacing to mount the fan directly over the power chips for maximum cooling efficiency.

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