Learn to Solder Practice Kit (Soldering Iron not Included)

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Learn to Solder Practice Kit

Without soldering iron and wire cutters, see P/N 2124218 for the kit with everything.

Soldering skills rusty or non-existent? Build this kit and learn basic soldering techniques. Toy will learn how to solder on a state-of-the-art printed circuit board. All electronic components are supplied. You will build a European siren with flashing lights and learn how the circuit works. Lesson manual included.

The European Siren with flashing lights can be used as an intruder alarm, bicycle siren, or just a plain attention getter. If you never soldered before, or just want to sharpen your skills, this "Learn by Doing®" module makes soldering fun! If you need a few pointers, you can watch a video on how to solder with this kit.


  • Become an expert in soldering
  • No previous soldering knowledge required
  • Gain practical knowledge of electronics
  • Build a flashing European siren
  • Recommended for ages 12 and up
  • Requires one 9V battery (not included, we recommend Jameco P/N 198731)

Kit Includes:

Qty. Description
1 ¼W, 5% resistor, 68Ω
2 ¼W, 5% resistor, 470Ω
1 ¼W, 5% resistor, 1KΩ
2 ¼W, 5% resistor, 10KΩ
2 ¼W, 5% resistor, 22KΩ
1 ¼W, 5% resistor, 47KΩ
2 ¼W, 5% resistor, 56KΩ
1 200Ω Trim Pot
2 Capacitor, Disc, 0.02µF (203) or 0.022µF (223)
3 Capacitor, Electrolytic, 10µF
1 Capacitor, Electrolytic, 100µF
2 NPN Transistor, 2N3904
1 Timer, IC, 555 or 1455
2 Red LED
1 PC Board
1 Solder Wick
1 Battery Snap
1 Speaker
3 Wire, 22AWG, Blue, 12"
1 Lead-free solder tube

Note: This kit does not include soldering iron or wire cutters, for a the kit that does, see P/N 2124218

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