Velleman VM110N USB Interface Card Module

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  • Jameco Part no.: 2146572
  • Manufacturer: Velleman
  • Manufacturer no.: VM110N
  • NCNR (Non-Cancelable, Non Returnable)
  • HTS code: 8543909500
  • Electronics Parts Locator

Velleman VM110N, USB Interface Card Module

Velleman VM110N USB Interface Card Module
The VM110N interface board has 5 digital input channels and 8 digital output channels. Additionally, there are two analog inputs and two analog outputs with 8 bit resolution. The number of inputs/outputs can be further expanded by connecting more cards to the PC's USB connectors (up to a maximum of four). All communication routines are contained in a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) K8055D.DLL. You may write your own Windows (2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7) applications in Delphi, Visual Basic, C++ Builder or any other 32-bit Windows application development tool that supports calls to a DLL. Source code for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, Excel, Delphi and Borland C++ Builder is included.

  • minimum system:
       ·Pentium class CPU
       ·USB1.1 or higher connection
       ·Windows XP or higher
       ·CD ROM player and mouse
       ·separate output / input test7
       ·clear all / set all function
       ·counter function on inputs 1 and 2 with adjustable debounce (max 2KHz depends on total I/O load)
       ·analog output set sliders
       ·analog input bar-graph indication
  • 100% compatible with: VM110 & K8055
  • 5 digital inputs (0= ground, 1= open) (on board test buttons provided)
  • 2 analog inputs with attenuation and amplification option (internal test +5V provided)
  • 8 digital open collector output switches (max 50V/100mA) (on-board LED indication)
  • 2 analog outputs:
       ·0 to 5V, output resistance 1K5
       ·PWM 0 to 100% open collector outputs max 100mA / 40V (on-board LED indication)
  • general conversion time: 2ms per command
  • power supply: through USB approx. 70mA
  • dimensions: 4.3 x 3.2"
  • K8055, K8055N, VM110, VM110N iPhone-application

    iPhone application for K8055, K8055N (kit) or VM110, VM110N (assembled) USB Experiment Interface Board.

    Now you can control all your home applications from anywhere you can access the Internet on your iPhone. No network configuration is required! Download the application here: K8055/VM110 iPhone Application download
    © 2010 Damien Walsh

    The Client software can be downloaded from: Client software

  • K8055, K8055N, VM110, VM110N application for Android

    This is an Android version of the demonstration app used for the Velleman K8055, K8055N, VM110 and VM110N USB Experiment Interface Board.

    Download the application here: K8055 Android application

    © 2011 John Marshall

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