Controll Unit Wise 3 Channel Digital Input & Output 8 Channel Analog Input Gprs Module

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  • Jameco Part no.: 2128930
  • Manufacturer: ICP DAS USA
  • Manufacturer no.: WISE-4000
  • NCNR (Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable)
  • HTS code: 9030330040
  • Web Exclusive
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5+ $839.29

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3-channel Digital Input, 3-channel Digital Output, and 8-channel Analog Input GPRS Module

The WISE modules are web-configurable and allows you to implement control logic and get data for automation all in one device. You can use drop down menus through a web page to configure If-Then, Else-If type control logic.

WISE (Web Inside, Smart Engine) is a product series developed by ICP DAS that functions as control units for use in remote logic control and monitoring in various industrial applications. WISE offers a user-friendly and intuitive web site interface that allows users to implement IF-THEN-ELSE control logic on controllers just a few clicks away; no programming is required. With its powerful and easy-to-use features, it will minimize the learning curve, shorten time to market and dramatically reduce the effort and cost spent on system development.

The WISE-4000 is a M2M (Machine to Machine) embedded controller equips with a cellular transceiver that enables integrated monitoring of industrial equipments or environments and allows updated status information being sent to the backend monitoring system. WISE-4000 supports Modbus/TCP protocol that allows seamless integration with SCADA software available. It features 3 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs and 8 analog inputs. WISE-4000 also features GPRS/GSM & Ethernet that provide a highly-flexible solution for transferring monitoring data by GPRS, SMS or Ethernet interface. Integrate with IF-THEN-ELSE rule engine, WISE-4000 even provides more powerful functions such as Schedule,Send SMS,Send e-mail,Timer & I/O operation for use in various industrial applications.

  • Built-in Web Server for IF-THEN-ELSE rule setting
  • Built-in IF-THEN-ELSE rule engine for logic operation
  • No more programming. Just click and get done!
  • Support IO, Counter, Timer, Email operations
  • Modbus/TCP Protocol for SCADA Software Seamless Integration
  • IEEE 802.3af-compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet
  • Support GPRS/GSM: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • I/O: 3 channels DI, 3 channels DO, 8 channels AI
  • Support SD storage card
Hardware Specifications:
Digital Input
Input Channels 3
nput Type Source(Dry Type), Common Ground
On Voltage Level +3.5 VDC ~ +30 VDC
Off Voltage Level +1 VDC Max.
Isolated Voltage Non-isolated
Counters Max. Count 65535 (16 bits)
Max. Input Frequency 50 Hz
Min. Pulse Width 10 ms
Digital Output
Output Channels 3
Output Type Open Collector (Sink/NPN)
Load Voltage +30 VDC Max.
Load Current 100 mA Max.
Isolated Voltage Non-isolated
Counters Max. Count 65535 (16 bits)
Max. Input Frequency 50 Hz
Min. Pulse Width 10 ms
Analog Input
Input Channels 8
Input Range/Type 0~20 mA
Resolution 12-bit
Sampling Rate 1 KHz max. (Read one channel)
Model WISE-4000 WISE-4000D
CPU 80 MHz internal microprocessor
SRAM/Flash 512K/512K, real time clock, watchdog timer
NVRAM 31 bytes, battery backup, data valid up to 10 years
Communication Interface
COM ports COM1:5-wire RS-232; COM2: RS-485;
COM3:3-wire RS-232
Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet controller
GPRS Interface
Frequency Band Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPRS connectivity GPRS class 10/8; GPRS station class B
DATA GPRS Downlink transfer: Max. 85.6 kbps;
Uplink transfer: Max 42.8kbps
SMS MT, MO, CB, Text and PDU mode
LCD Interface
General Effective
display area
- 80.61 mm x 14.37 mm
(W x H)
- 93 mm x 70 mm x 1.6
mm (W x H x T)
Life Time - Expected life is more
than 100,000 hours
under normal operation
Protection Power reverse polarity protection
Frame Ground Protection ESD, Surge, EFT, Hi-Pot
Power Requirement 15W; Unregulated +10 VDC ~ +30 VDC
Power Consumption Idle: 75 mA @ 24 VDC;
Data Link: 150 ~ 400 mA (peak) @ 24 VDC
LED Indicators
System Red
GPRS Yellow
Dimensions 72 mm x 123 mm x 35 mm (W x H x D)
Installation DIN-Rail or Wall mounting
Operating Temperature -20 °C ~ +70 °C -15 °C ~ +55 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C ~ +80 °C -20 °C ~ +70 °C
Humidity 5~90% RH, non-condensing

Software Specifications:
36 IF-THEN-ELSE Logic Rules 3 IF conditions with AND or OR operators
3 THEN actions
3 ELSE actions
48 Internal Registers Hold temporary variables and read/write data via Modbus/TCP address.
12 Timers Delay / Timing functions.
12 Schedules Setup prescheduled routine tasks.
12 Emails Send Email messages to pre-set Email receivers.
12 SMS Send SMS to pre-set mobile phone numbers.
Rule Configuration Website Access Web server on WISE controllers to edit and upload logic rules through web browser.
Modbus/TCP Protocol Real time control and monitoring I/O channels and system status of controllers via SCADA software.
IF Conditions
DI Channel ON,OFF,ON to OFF,OFF to ON,Change
AI Channel =,>,<,>=,<=(value)
Internal Register
DI Counter =,>,<,>=,<=(value),Change
DO Counter
Timer Timeout,Not Timeout
Schedule In Range,Out Range
THEN / ELSE Actions
DO Channel ON,OFF,Pulse Output
Internal Register Change the value
DI Counter Reset
DO Counter
Timer Start,Stop
Email Send

Product Reference & Support :
  • WISE Firmware
  • MiniOS7 Utility
  • Manual
  • OS Image
  • WISE-4000 Firmware

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