What Does the Future Hold for Hobby Electronics?

Electronics Hobbyist Share Their Predictions on the Future of Their Beloved Hobby

What's in store for the future of hobby electronics? Will electronics hobbyists abandon their electronics projects as components continue to miniaturize or will a new wave of hobby electronics evolve out of open-source and DIY movements such as the Internet of Things and the Maker Movement?

It's tough to predict what the future holds for hobby electronics, but it's clear that electronic devices are ubiquitous in most developed modern societies and we don't see them disappearing anytime soon.

We asked the experts, electronics hobbyists, to take a look into their crystal balls and make predictions about the future of their beloved hobby. Take a moment and ponder over a few of their suggestions.

"Electronics would be fundamental in electronic devices and robots, and even in electric cars."

"It will become more accessible and less geeky with Maker Movement, 3D printing, etc."

"The next generation is more likely to want to configure large systems of electronics rather than struggle to learn the nuts and bolts that compose a system."

"Everything will be internet capable."

"Hobbyists will become more dependent on prepackaged modules and less on individual components."

"Digital electronics continuing to grow while analog electronics fades away."

"Tinkerers will become more important than ever and change the world for the better."

"IOT will be a big deal to more people soon."

"Infinite possibilities driven by technology advancements."

"We are still on the ground floor. Electronics will control our live,s med, money, health."

"Things are either going to get really interesting, or really bad."

"We ain't seen nothin' yet."

"Electric Dreams in Neuroscience."

"There will be more opportunities to do bigger and better things such as home monitoring and automation."

"It gets better and better with more sophisticated parts at a lower cost."

"The availability of cheap electronics kits available to the world will bring about a technical revolution of inventors that will rival the collective power of governments and companies. The community of brothers and sisters, that will grow larger through the coming years, will take on all the major tech industries to provide cheaper and better electronics for everyone."

"Human implanted computers."

"Many jobs will be based on electronics."

"Electronics will contribute to many discoveries in the health & alternative energy fields."

"It will grow fueled by all the IoT stuff and 3D Printers and Maker Movement."

"Imagination is endless."

"Robotics will be the main focus of future hobbyists."

"There are going to be more and more people in the field as products like Arduino and Raspberry Pi become more like small building blocks. Kids are also more tech savvy."

"Ever greater system level design."

"It will be more widespread in the elementary education system."

"Expansion of electric powered vehicle tinkering as electric automobiles become more common."

"More advanced widgets come from hobbyist development to commercialization."

"Soldering will disappear and be replaced by some kind of glue or adhesive."

"It will continue, but it will be more of a "systems" design and building experience, rather than working with individual components; this includes software."

"In part due to the Maker community we will see renewed interest and growth in the hobbyist electronics area."

"Solar power and alternative sourcing will be increasingly good ideas."

"Children will be able to use electronics as a medium of art in the same way that coloring books are available today. It feels like the beginning of a renaissance from the time I was a kid."

"Hobby electronics will drive the prices of specialty electronics down as open-source microcontroller technologies make it easier for people to do what was previous in the realm of professionals (for example, security systems)."

"A build to print 1 billion transistors on the top of an individual human hair!"

"AI is the new frontier."

"Microcontrollers combined with 3D printing/hobbyist CNC machines will enable people to create their own fully functional devices."

"Designer integrated circuits will be made to order in the future, possibly as part of a 3D printer."

We'd have to agree that even though "it will change in ways we can't imagine," as many stated, "the best is yet to come." What are your opinions on the future of hobby electronics? Share your thoughts at [email protected].

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