The American Electronics Hobbyist: Gender and Age

Who Are the Electronic Hobbyists of America?

It's not too much of a surprise to find out that those who most claim electronics as their beloved hobby are male, but what was most surprising was how small the percentage of females that claim to practice electronics projects. In our Great American Electronics Hobbyist Census, we found that only 2.3% of electronics hobbyist respondents were female. This is in contrast to National Science Foundation data from 2012 that reports that 19.2% of all engineering field bachelor degrees went to women.

Although we found that younger hobbyists appear to be most active, we found that there were less young hobbyists. The average age of an electronics hobbyist is 56. In fact 75% of the survey respondents were over the age of 46 while only 6.8% were 30 or younger. It can be assumed that as with most hobbies, younger people are often "time challenged," and that likely explains why there are so many more hobbyists over age 46.

There has been a rise in electronics interest of late. DIY projects and the Maker Movement has helped fuel a rise in hobby electronics over the past couple of years. It will be interesting to see if the female percentage of electronics hobbyists increases also or if the general age of tinkerers, makers, and hobbyists falls.

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