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Bulbdial Clock Kit

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There's nothing like the thrill of seeing an electronics project come to life. Taking a collection of parts and turning them into a completed build is educational, but more importantly, it's fun. Our unique kits span several electronics categories including audio, LEDs, robotics, games, clocks and more.

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J-Bot Kit

Featured Electronics Projects

Build your own J-Bot Robot
Pocket Sized Fume Extractor
Circuit Skills: Adjustable Regulated Power Supply

There are lots of fun electronic projects in the Jameco Electronics Workshop.

Electronics Design

Prototyping Systems, Breadboards, Programmers, Enclosures

Pliers, Cutters, Power, Measurement, Chemicals, Safety Equipment

Infrared LEDs, LED Displays, High Power LEDs, 7-Segment LED or Strips

DC Direct, Gearhead,
Stepper, Vibrating, Servos, Motor Controllers