TTL Logic 74 Series

These are a type of integrated circuit used to create logic gates, which are digital circuits that perform logical operations on two or more input signals. While there are many different types of TTL Logic chips, the 74 Series TTL chips are one of the most popular. These chips are widely used in computers, digital logic circuits, and other electronic devices. They're also available in various sizes and packages, including DIP-14, DIP-16, DIP-20, and DIP-24. They're relatively inexpensive, making them a good choice for many electronics applications for hobbyists, professionals, and educational purposes. Get your chips at Jameco Electronics today.

High Speed, Low Power Solutions

TTL Logic chips in the 74 series are widely used because of their low power consumption. These chips can maintain high speeds while still consuming relatively little power. In addition, they also have a very low output impedance. This means they can send signals over long distances without losing strength or accuracy. The chips are also fast switching, meaning they can quickly change states in response to input changes.

Our 74 Series TTL chips are ideal for use when working on low-power and high-speed electronic applications, such as data storage, signal processing, timing and control, interfacing, and power management. At Jameco Electronics, we strive to bring you top-brand options, including Major Brands, National Semiconductor, TI, and WSI, so you can shop with confidence.

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